Goodman European Partnership


Goodman European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS

As a member of the Goodman Group, GEP endorses the Goodman Group’s Sustainability Policy as well as the 2030 Sustainability Strategy. Goodman’s 2030 sustainability strategy is transitioning its business into a truly resilient and low-carbon company. Based on its people and culture, engagement with stakeholders, and status as a trusted investment manager and community partner, the Group’s 2030 sustainability strategy shapes all aspects of Goodman’s business and is one important way it measures success.

At Goodman Continental Europe (CE) level, sustainability implementation processes are in place via the Goodman GreenSpace+ pathway. Goodman CE works closely with its stakeholders to support and influence long-term sustainable solutions to meet or even outperform the ESG targets. Goodman CE sustainability Resources and Case studies are available here.

GEP considers sustainability as a key principle of investing, leading to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for itself, GEP, GEP’s investors, and the world more broadly. GEP is committed to taking a tangible and measurable approach to sustainability that generates real benefits to GEP’s investors, GEP’s customers, the communities in which GEP operate, and the environment.

GEP is classified as an Article 8 fund under SFDR and promotes environmental and social characteristics, while not making any sustainable investments. The investment decision-making process which GEP applies considers the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as described in Article 4 of the SFDR. Principal adverse impacts are assessed as part of underwriting any new transactions and are monitored periodically.

Sustainable Finance

GEP has adopted a Green Finance Framework as a methodology to channel investments towards sustainable buildings. The Framework aligns to and uses the five core components of the Green Bond Principles and the Green Loan Principles as published by the International Capital Markets Association and Loan Market Association.