Goodman European Partnership

Partnership Profile

Goodman European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS

Partnership Profile

Goodman European Partnership (GEP or Partnership) (legal entity: Goodman European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS) is an unlisted property investment vehicle which provides institutional investors with stable income returns from investments in logistics assets.

The Partnership was launched in December 2006 with the investment strategy to invest in high quality logistics/industrial properties in established and emerging warehouse, distribution and logistics locations with access to main transport and infrastructure, located in the European Union (excluding Greece), Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

In order to achieve the objectives and strategy of the Partnership, GEP will:

  • Continue to actively manage the properties in the Portfolio to maintain GEP’s high level of quality and operational performance, and to achieve return targets;
  • Continue to acquire investment properties which enhance the Portfolio’s diversity and improve risk adjusted returns;
  • Maintain limited exposure to land holdings and development activity

Today, GEP is one of the largest unlisted logistics funds in Europe with a track record of delivering partners stable income returns. The € 4.0 billion GEP portfolio of 88 stabilized prime European logistics estates is well diversified in terms of geography, asset granularity and customer exposure.

GEP is managed by the Goodman Group, a leading international owner, developer and manager of industrial properties, with assets under management of approximately €49.5 billion as at 30 June 2023. The Goodman Group has a dedicated team of around 1000 property professionals, of which over 240 are based in Goodman’s eight continental 8 European offices. Goodman’s in-house specialist teams work together every day to achieve the best outcomes for the Partnership its customers and ultimately, its partners. Goodman provides a wide range of services to GEP including: investment management, asset management, property management, development management (when applicable), finance and accounting, treasury, marketing, legal counsel and risk management.

Please see for more information about the Goodman Group.